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Success Story: Mail Clerk in Kentucky

T.C. was a 48 year old woman from Kentucky. She worked as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service for several years. After she suffered from a heat stroke, her hours were cut and she was forced to transfer to a clerk position. She incurred a lot of stress at her job and found the work environment extremely hostile. Adding to her stress was the need to care for her handicapped son. The constant stresses work presented her caused T.C. to develop several psychological conditions. She was diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety with panic attacks. With the help of Harris Federal Law Firm, T.C. was approved for medical disability retirement.  

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USPS to offer 3300 more Early Retirements… Make sure you know the facts!

If you have heard of or considered an Early Retirement from the USPS, please just be sure you know the facts. This offer may be beneficial to certain federal employees, but it can also be a terrible option for others. This offer is of course all part of the USPS plan for reduction in force.

Here is a link to an article on Government Executive that will help explain the basics… Click Here To Read

If you are injured or have a condition that prevents you from performing your full duties, call our office FIRST before accepting an early retirement. You may be eligible for Federal Disability Retirement which may be to your long term advantage!

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J.F. was a 51 year old woman from Tennessee. She had worked over 20 years for the United States Postal Service as a Sales Service Associate Clerk. A back injury, however, cut her work life short. She was then diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica, and Lumbar Spine Aggravation of Displaced Lumbar Introvert Disc.

Since her back injury, she was unable to perform all of her job duties. She was unable to stand for long periods of time because of the pain and pressure in her lower back. This pain would often gravitate downwards and affect her hip, leg, and foot movement. She was also unable to lift over 10 -20 pounds.

With help from Harris Federal Law Firm, J.F.’s claim for FERS disability retirement was approved!

Harris Federal Law Firm

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When should I file for federal disability retirement?

Many federal employees experiencing difficulty performing their job duties due to an interfering medical condition do not know when federal disability retirement is the right decision for them.

Sometimes the decision is made for you, such as your agency separating you due to your inability to complete your job. If that occurs, filing for federal disability retirement may be the only way to ensure that you protect your long term interests and keep a portion of your salary coming in.

Sometimes you are in limbo; especially if the agency informs you that they can no longer accommodate you with the restrictions that have from your physician. With regard to accommodations, you can try to wait it out, but you will be in a no pay status once your leave is exhausted. If you and your doctor don’t think a return to full duty is on the horizon, or that you will be unable to perform your position for twelve months, it may be time to start thinking about filing for disability retirement.

Remember that modified duty is not in lieu of a federal disability retirement. Limited and light duty assignments can be given on an “as available” basis and do not protect you from being sent home with no work available; risking a sudden loss of income.

Sometimes your condition is new; you may not have any idea about what direction to go as you do not have a good prognosis on your return to work. This may be a good time to seek the counsel of a professional.

– Harris Federal Law Firm

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