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Video Blog Episode 2: 3112 B Supervisor’s Statement

A question that one of our viewers asked was about the supervisor or employing agency’s role in filling out paperwork for a disability retirement application. It can be confusing and often, the supervisor can be less than helpful in this process. This could be for a variety of reasons ranging from their own lack of understanding on the issue, to a relationship problem between the supervisor and the applicant.

Bo clears up the concern for this part of the application process in the second installment of our Video Blog. While your supervisor is needed to help document the fact that a service deficiency exists, a negative comment or false information on the form often has a small impact on the whole claim if the medical evidence and the rest of the application package is completed correctly.

Remember, if you are applying for federal disability retirement, you are trying to prove that you can no longer perform useful and efficient service. Arguing with your employing agency over the factual evidence that the supervisor put in the 3112 B form may be a moot point. Consult with an attorney┬áif you have further questions about your supervisor’s statement.

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Video Blog Episode 2: Federal Disability Retirement Interim Payments

Bo is back with the second installment of our new Video Blog. This video is a little longer than our introduction as we explore these subjects in-depth.

The first topic in the video is federal disability retirement interim payments. As Bo discusses in the video, interim payments are given to newly approved disability retirement annuitants once the claim has been approved, but before the final calculations have been made to the permanent benefits.

OPM uses interim payments as a bridge between approval and final calculations to get some money into the hands of the approved claimant.

Bo also answers questions from our viewers in this episode talking about OWCP schedule awards calculations and 3112B Supervisor’s Statements in disability applications. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to make sure that you don’t miss an episode of the Harris Federal Video Blog as we keep adding new videos and answering more of your questions about federal disability retirement.

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