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Service Credit while on Federal Disability? Yes, please!

Bo Harris has posted the latest episode of the Harris Federal Video Blog and is talking about earning service credit while drawing federal disability retirement benefits.

If you have heard about federal employee disability benefits under the FERS system, you probably know that the benefit will pay you a portion of your salary and lets you keep your existing group insurance benefits, if you so choose.

What you may not know is that any years that you spend collecting federal disability retirement payments, you are actually earning credible years of service toward your full retirement payments.

Under normal, immediate retirement rules, every year that you “earn” while working under FERS, counts into your retirement calculation. When you receive a disability retirement, the calculation is set until you turn 62. On your 62nd birthday, your “earned” credit (the years you worked for the agency) are added to the years you spend on the benefit and recalculated using the immediate/full retirement rules.

This can significantly raise your permanent retirement benefit payments. Watch the video HERE and send us your questions. We want to answer them in future episodes of our video blog. Send them to . You can also Like our Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

Our goal is to spread information. We want you to make the most informed decisions possible about your future and your benefits.

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