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HARRIS FEDERAL VIDEO BLOG: EPISODE 4 – credible years of service

In this Episode, Bo goes into detail about earning additional years of credible service while drawing disability benefits under the Office of Personnel Management. This is a very important aspect of a federal disability retirement that is often overlooked and misunderstood. As you can imagine, many federal employees primarily focus on the actual dollar amount they will receive on the federal disability benefit. But how does this disability benefit work for me in the long run? What happens to all of my credible years of service I’ve worked so hard for as a federal employee? Watch this video to get a better grasp on these great counterparts of your federal disability retirement.

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Thrift Savings Plan and Federal Disability? No problem!

Harris Federal Law Firm has a new article posted about what a FERS employee needs to know about filing for federal disability retirement benefits and their Thrift Saving Plan (TSP). Read it HERE.

The article answers some of the most common questions applicants have about their retirement dollars. Many federal employees have been contributing to the defined contribution plan for years and some have accumulated quite a large portfolio.

Harris Federal doesn’t offer investment advice and we suggest speaking with a licensed financial planner to understand all of the rules and regulations about their TSP money. However, we do understand the interaction between a federal disability retirement and the Thrift Saving Plan.

In the article, Harris Federal outlines the answers to questions like:

Can I keep making contributions once I am retired? Can I keep my TSP once I take a federal disability? What if I have a loan out from my TSP?

Harris Federal always wants to help spread information about federal employees benefits. We help thousands of federal employees all across the country every year to get a better understanding of their federal benefits and rights.

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