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Harris Federal Video Blog – Episode 5.1

Bo Harris and Ms. Kate Richardson help explain the common questions about the Federal Disability Retirement Advantage.

This episode explores the idea of why a federal disability retirement can be a good thing, even if you are currently drawing OWCP federal workers compensation wage loss benefits. Many federal employees are confused with what OWCP wage loss really is and it can sometimes be assumed to be a long term disability option when in fact it’s not long term at all. The proper terminology for OWCP wage loss is Total Temporary Disability (TTD).

A unique and often overlooked part of federal disability retirement is that you can get approved for it while still electing to draw the OWCP benefits (which are usually higher) and switch over to the disability if something goes wrong with your federal workers comp claim.

Be on the lookout for episode 2 and 3 of this series. Also, be sure to send your questions to and put Video Blog in the subject line. Harris Federal will try to answer your questions in future episodes on the video blog!

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Federal Disability Retirement and SSD Offsets

Federal employee benefits can be tricky… especially when you are talking about what benefit offsets another benefit. We help injured and disabled federal employees understand not only the benefits themselves, but also what offsets might come along.

Federal Disability Retirement is one of the best and most overlooked benefits out there for injured and disabled federal employees who will not likely return to full duty. Applying for this benefit also means you will have to apply for Social Security Disability as well (if you are a FERS or a CSRS offset employee).

FDR & SSD Offsets

We created this information PDF to help federal employees understand the potential offsets between Federal Disability Retirement and Social Security Disability. Please feel free to share this with your friends, co-workers, union members, etc!

-Harris Federal Law Firm

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