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Federal Disability Retirement – MSPB Success Story

D.C. was a 17 year USPS employee, working as a Mail Processing Clerk in Chicago, Illinois. Due to her medical conditions, she was no longer able to successfully perform all of the requirements of her job, even after accepting a modified job in 2001. She requested further accommodation in 2010, but was denied by her employer. As a result, she made a timely application for federal disability retirement in 2010, due to the worsening of her cardiomyopathy, fibromyalgia, dizziness, and pain in her hip, right knee, wrists, and hands.

Unfortunately, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) denied her application in both their initial decision and the reconsideration decision. She appealed to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) pro se, but discovered, like many other federal employees, that the MSPB is a different and more complicated arena. Upon the suggestion of the presiding Administrative Judge, D.C. sought professional assistance for her pending appeal. After speaking with senior attorney, Mr. Brad Harris, D.C. decided to hire Harris Federal Law Firm.

Mr. Harris was able to enter the appeal as D.C.’s representative and secure an extension of time to gather medical records and employment records for her case. Mr. Harris and his legal assistant, Leah Bachmeyer, put together a strong set of prehearing submissions, complete with over 800 pages of additional evidence. As a result, the OPM reversed its position, granting D.C. disability retirement benefits, and D.C.’s appeal never proceeded to a formal hearing.

If you or someone you know needs to speak to a professional about federal disability retirement benefits, call Harris Federal Law Firm. We are here to help!

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Federal Disability Retirement – Success Story

J.P. was a vested United States Army employee suffering from multiple sclerosis, major depression, anxiety and chronic pain syndrome. Due to her medical conditions she could no longer perform her job duties successfully and as a result decided to apply for medical disability retirement benefits.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management denied her initial application sending her claim to the reconsideration level. Having already hired Harris Federal Law Firm to assist her with her desire to receive this benefit, Reconsideration Specialist, Kate Richardson immediately began compiling additional medical evidence for her appeal. Within weeks Ms. Richardson submitted a brief totaling over 120 pages which contained updated medical records, agency forms and case law.

The OPM assigned a new specialist to adjudicate J.P.’s case and less than four months later a decision to grant her medical disability benefits was rendered.  Immediately upon approval, J.P.’s agency was notified and began the paperwork to officially separate her from Federal service.

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