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Join Us for a Webinar This Wednesday


Join us this Wednesday, August 16th at NOON EST for a FREE webinar titled “Federal Disability Retirement–Approvals Before Separation”

One of the eligibility requirements for federal disability retirement is that your agency must certify that they are unable to accommodate your medical condition causing a deficiency in your current position AND that they have considered you for any vacant position at the same agency, same grade or pay level, and in the same commuting area, for which you are qualified. But what exactly does this mean?

In this webinar, we will discuss what qualifies as accommodation and look at how it can affect your chance of approval on your federal disability retirement claim.

Other topics that will be discussed are:
• Reassignment
• Modified Job Assignments
• How far must your agency go to accommodate you
• What qualifies as accommodation and what does not.

Register here

We hope to see you all there!

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New Fall Webinar Schedule!


We just posted our new Fall webinar schedule! We love that we are able to offer FREE webinars for Federal workers. Here is the new schedule.

Wednesday, October 19th 12:00pm EST–“Myth-Busting: Federal Disability Retirement”

  • Increase your knowledge about the program—it may be critical to one of your co-workers or even you and your family because it can drastically improve a federal employees’ life. For example, an employee is allowed to work outside the federal government while drawing OPM occupational disability benefits! If you’re interested in learning the facts and discarding the myths, this webinar is for you!

Wednesday, November 16th 12:00pm EST–“OWCP Federal Worker’s Compensation vs. OPM Federal Disability Retirement”

  • If you have questions about the difference in OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation benefits and OPM Federal Disability Retirement benefits, this webinar is for you! Federal employees are often unsure of which program they are eligible for, and the specific benefits associated with each. When making decisions about the best path for you, it’s crucial you know how to tell these two programs apart and understand how the benefits offset one another.

Thursday, December 15th 12:00pm EST–“Your Rights to Federal Disability Retirement”

  • If you are a federal employee who cannot fully perform the duties of your normal job assignment, you may qualify to leave your service position with federal disability retirement benefits. This benefit is already built into your CSRS or FERS. Many federal employees are unaware of what it is or even if they qualify. For example, did you know that your medical condition does not have to be a work-related issue or injury?

We hope you’ll join us!

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